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The Importance of Marketing Images!

The Importance of Marketing Images!

You keep hearing about the importance of content—personalized content, relevant content, and content in general—but what you don't hear is that you need visual content.

You need visual content. Do you want to know why?

Visual content is more successful than other forms of communication. No matter how much content you have, it only matters if your message reaches your audience.

90% of the information that is sent to the brain is visual. 90 percent. This means that the other 4 senses – touch, hearing, smell, and taste – have to fight for the last 10 percent.

You might think, "Well, people are reading my text - it's visual." And although we agree - sadly, no.

With that being said, a guide is being narrowed down below to show you the insights into the marketing perks that come along with images - so you can be the one to be in the spotlight!

Business Collateral with Marketing Images!

The images that you use in your advertising are the real deal breakers and can be considered as one viable asset!

Great images not only help you attract customers but also give you a negotiation tool to use when collaborating with other brands and companies.

For example, you can seek help from social media influencers and bloggers to use your lifestyle photos and marketing images to get potential traffic on your site.

This can create inbound links, a proven way to increase your search rankings.

While putting an image on your site, just be aware of the fact that the marketing image and lifestyle photo need to have an imaging purpose and would determine the credibility of your website!

Fulling an imaging purpose is one of the common marketing techniques that are used by many marketing agencies - hence what's stopping you from doing the same?

The Hidden Perks of the Marketing Images!

You can invest a lot in SEO, Google Ads, and more, but with a good image database, the online marketing strategies you use for your business can be well-spent.

A study by PR News found that online content with great images gets 94% more views than content without images.

The image acts as a narrator. You can evoke emotions, dreams, or visions by using well-placed and carefully arranged images. Your website visitors will "read" the marketing image on your site and will decide whether to surf your site or not!

While high-quality, well-written text can be persuasive, a few well-placed images can take it one step further.

3. Illustrations

Illustrations are two-dimensional works of art that form the basis of modern graphic design.

Although illustrations are traditionally associated with fine arts, they can also be classified as graphics, photographs, and cartoons.

Illustrations, often cartoons, are design images in the form of visual images. Also known as a cartoon strip, comic strip, comic strip, or comic book, an illustration is usually an informal illustration of a particular theme or scene or scene from a story, e.g., a fairy tale or novel, and is often used for humorous or dramatic effect.

With that in mind, when used wisely, images can help drive more traffic to your website, drive social share and brand loyalty, and ultimately help you achieve your business goals.

Marketing images and the budget!

A common misconception, especially in the startup world, is that people do not notice if your marketing images are of poor quality.

But if you think about it this way, will a client or customer buy from you if they can't see what they're buying? Not! So, it pays to invest in quality photos and graphics to showcase your products.

If you have a small marketing budget, invest in the best images and graphics you can afford, as they will make your product - or service - more attractive to customers.

What Types of Marketing Images serve the best image purpose?

Well, there are dozens of marketing image ideas that you can use for your benefit; however, to name a few, some of the ideas we have enlisted below!

1. Picture "In your business."

Using marketing images on your website is one of the profound ways to tell the story of your business in one single picture. This can help potential customers see your brand, feel the emotions you want them to feel about your business, and connect with people.

2. Lifestyle Pictures

Having a luxurious lifestyle is a dream of many - and utilizing this dream to get potential leads is one of the best marketing techniques one can use! Show the lifestyle of the people in an image, and get surrounded by leads luring you to be a part of your business!

3. Infographics

Images are used for online shopping, social media posts, and websites that want to grab customers' attention.

4. Stock pictures

The first thing people notice in photos. Images are more than eye candy in marketing; They can help you sell your product or service.

5. Product Photography

Product photography is a must if you want to sell more products. Product photography highlights your product and makes it look high quality.

One last word!

Having a professional, eye-catching image that truly represents your brand and is liked by your target audience can mean the difference between someone paying attention or ignoring the ad you spend your time running.

A good image can draw the user's attention to important and interesting information in an ad or website. This can be the difference between a new customer or another soft quarter for your business.