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Optimize JPEG, JPG, PNG, SVG and GIFs files
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Lighter images, Fast Load Time

Images on website are large and unoptimized thats make site slow to load. you can increase website load time and save couple of megabytes by using Online Photo Compressor.

SEO Friendly and, Mobile optimized

Compressor images and improve your SEO ranking and get a higher scrore in lighthouse and other seo tools

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High quality image compression

Online Photo Compressor help you to reduce image file size without comprising on image quality.

International Standard Online Photo Compressor - It's A Kind Of Magic.

Are you seeking an immediate solution for enhancing your website speed and loading it within a blink of an eye? Then you are at the right place!

Hefty images are a threat to your website - the more extensive in size they are, the slower your website would be!

Do you want to lose your potential lead just because of a slower-paced website? Absolutely not! - This is why "Online photo Compressor" is here to help.

By utilizing an intelligent combination of compression algorithms and profound optimization techniques, Online Photo Compressor compresses the size of your image while promising to deliver top-notch image quality!

From JPG to SVG to GIFs and PNG, the Online Photo Compressor adheres best to your compressing needs and produces exemplary outcomes that are hard to find on any other png compressor!

With that being said, what are you waiting for? Try us now!

Get To Know The Mechanism Behind Our Photo Compressor!

Don't have any prior experience with using an online image file reducer? Don't worry! Getting started with them is a piece of cake! Our Online photo compressor is built to require minimal user input while showing extraordinary and worthwhile end results!

The entire photo compressing procedure can be summed up in these three simple steps!

Stage 1: Drag and Drop or Upload the file. Either compress jpg or compress png, or any type of image; our Online photo compressor is for all!

Stage 2: Wait for the Image compressor to compress your file - while promising not to hinder image quality. Fond of having all your images in one single place? Our online photo compressor offers you to download a zip file for your converted images!

With just two simple steps, your compressed images would be right in front of you.

A built-in image compressing tool makes use of an intelligent lossless photo compressor technique to lessen your png, jpg, SVG, and GIFs files. The technique we are talking about is one of its kind - consider it to be our golden recipe!

By putting this technique to work, the number of colors is selectively minimized in the image data, which proves to be essential in turning the output result to be enriched in resolution and delivering the same image quality as before.

The resultant image we deliver requires fewer bytes to store data and boost up the data transmission to an optimal level.

In short, Online Photo Compressor is the best compressing platform you would ever come across!

What do you need to take care of?

However, a few notifiers are there for you that you need to be aware of. First thing first, our online photo compressor comprises the ability to compress up to 100 images at a time. Moreover, while uploading the media, double-check that the file that you are uploading shouldn't be greater than 10 MBs.

Free Image Compressing JPG and PNG, Without Hindering Image Quality!

Online Photo compressor happens to be a powerful online tool that utilizes a modern approach and viable techniques to lessen image size and photographic documents while preserving image resolution and pixels with utmost refinement.

The image quality you would receive after giving a try to our online compressor would be so incredible that it would be impossible for anyone to differentiate between the original and compressed one!

Whether you want to compress photos for your web or want to have a quick-paced data transmission medium - our Online photo Compressor tool has surely got you covered.

Do you need to upload a compressed image to your website or compress gif for your new blog page? But doesn't know the right platform that supports compressing image files of as low as 20kb? Then you don't need to worry as Online photo size compressors have got this need covered too! From 200Kb to 20KB, our online image compressor is made to fit best to your every image compressing needs.

A large image optimizer like an Online photo compressor makes it incredibly easy to compress image size in a single batch, saving thousands of hours of time and sweat!

What does an Online Photo Compressor offer?

  • Compress pictures up to 70% (reduce file size)

  • Upload 100 images at a time, up to 10 MB each.

  • Supported file formats are JPG, JPEG, PNG, GIFs

Have a Contrast Between Lossy and Lossless Compression!

Lossless and lossless compression are two commonly used techniques for compressing images.

Lossless compression reduces file size without losing quality. To put it into simple words, it rewrites the original file data more efficiently without losing any information.

While in the Lossy compression technique, unnecessary data is intentionally filtered and discarded in the compression process so that the amount of data and file size can be reduced!

Both are popular ways of compressing images - and for your assistance, Online Photo Compressor uses both of these techniques to provide our consumers with results they have always desired!

Our algorithm reads the image first and then identifies which technique would fit best on the image.

At Online Photo Compressor, your image is determined to prosper!

Content Security and Safety

Thinking about the security of your uploaded images might be the very first thing that pops up in your mind! We have provided image compressing services for over a decade and know what consumer demands are!

This is one of the reasons why we have encrypted our photo compressor tool to be highly secured. The image you upload here is neither shared nor viewed with any of the management of the tool - and is only generated and utilized within the system.

We assure you of complete confidentiality and privacy as you use our services. All uploaded images will be deleted after one hour.